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"TriState Lift is totally on point with all inspection reports. 
They offered repair parts with labor costs separated and gave us the choice to do the repairs ourselves or hire them.  We chose to use them."    
Joe C. 
Service Director
Lift Inspections
Should My Lift Be Inspected?

The answer is YES. At least once annually by a qualified lift inspector. Daily inspections by the operators of the lift is also required to insure the safety of the technician. 

Is it required by law?

The answer is YES. CT does not govern the inspection process but other states do such as NY. If an accident occurs, OSHA, your local government authority and your insurance company will ask for your inspection and maintenance records.

Can TriState Lift inspect your lift?

The answer is YES. We will evaluate all systems of the lift including structural integrity, mechanical functions and safeties, hydraulics, hoses, piping, cables, concrete and lag bolts, lifting chains, sheaves, pulleys and bearings. Everything that can be discovered regarding the condition of your lift will be explored and documented. Necessary repair estimates are provided with separate labor and parts quotes for your convenience. 

Is TriState Lift Qualified to inspect your lift?  

The answer is YES. With thousands of lifts inspected and repaired from mom and pop one lift shops to 120000 lbs. parallelogram lifts for the military, TriState Lift has the experience and knowledge base to inspect and recommend repairs for any and all brands and configurations. 

An automotive lift should be inspected at least annually, more frequently when so specified by the manufacturer or the authority having jurisdiction. The National Standard addressing automotive lift inspection is ANSI/ALI ALOIM (current edition) "Safety Requirements for the Operation, Inspection, and Maintenance of Automotive Lifts”. This National Consensus Standard provides guidance to the owner, employer, and lift service and inspection provider(s) with regard to the required qualifications, training, reporting, and documentation for operators, inspectors, and maintenance personnel. This Standard also provides sample forms and checklists for use by all parties attempting to comply with this Standard. The standard, ANSI/ALI ALOIM clearly states:

Replacement Parts---Replace worn, damaged or broken parts with parts approved by the original equipment manufacturer or with parts meeting original manufacturer specifications.

The standard ANSI/ALI ALIS clearly states:
6.2.6 Repair Service Parts. Replace worn, damaged or broken parts with parts approved by the original equipment manufacturer or with parts meeting original manufacturer specifications.

Annual inspections are recommended by The Automotive Lift Institute (ALI), OSHA, DOT and All Lift Manufacturers.* Those customers with public transport vehicles know all to well their lifts and vehicles require inspections mandatory for the DOT. Inspectors will not inspect under non-certified lifts!
Non OEM parts voids the lift’s ALI/ANSI certification.**
International building code requires that all vehicle lifts be ALI/ANSI certified.***

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